Open Studio Round 2

I am Opening up my studio again

12th and 13th of September

11am to 5pm

There will be artwork for sale and cake and tea. plus I will have allot of the Music I play on my radio show on in the background.
Last weekend was awesome and this one is shaping up to be just as good.

the address is;

34 Wrde Hill

Its about 20 minuets from Swindon
Here is some examples of the work I do.

jamesosbornpromotional1 - small


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If you want to know more about any of these pieces then you’ll have to either come at the weekend or if its too far then email me

Peace and love

James “Ozzy” Osborn.


Dear David Cameron…

I have been in tears today about the way other humans are being treated across the world. I cant really put it into words.

welcomed with love 1 Dear David

Nanook The Bipolarbear welcomes all who are running from war and oppression. Seeing the barbaric way that humans from Syria and other countries are being treated is having a negative impact on my mental health. This abuse of power from the government needs to stop.


great blog post on medication. really honest.

Hayley Wanless

If theres anything I’ve learnt in the past year, its that medicine is rather cold.
On countless occasions I’ve been in a doctors practise for the total of 2 minutes, handed a prescription and quickly shoved out the door.
Another hilarious thing I’ve been ‘prescribed‘ this year is ‘Google back exercises and do some of them’.
Now I’m not saying this is bad advice, I should be doing some exercises in attempt to help my back pain, but Google back exercises. Really?
Just felt really weird and unprofessional I guess?

Google is the main thing I steer away from as I know I will start to self diagnose.
Search engine self diagnosis goes by the name ‘Cyberchondria’, derived from ‘cyber’ and ‘hypochondria’.

I started creating mock prescriptions for contributors and adding their experience with that particular illness or medication.

Diabetes pres

It was quite sobering to see the amount of things…

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